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Glow like a glow worm-Jaltee

Sep 26th 2016

‘Jaltee’ is a range of women’s clothesline made in Hyderabad that glows at night

Jaltee hai (It glows). That’s the latest clothesline Jaltee Wearable is all about. Jaltee means glowing in Hindi to the layman, but the brain behind it say it is actually an acronym and each alphabet represents the name of inspiring persons who brought in revolutionary changes in the world. - Steve Jobs/Isaac Asimov/LinusTorvalds/Nikola Tesla/Thomas Edison/Albert Einstein.

How does Jaltee stands out in the midst of the hundreds of clothing brands? “The idea is to focus on creating clothing that is technology enabled and user-friendly. With the help integrating the creativity of designers and know-how of an engineer we have created these clothes which will make heads turn,” says Ayyappa Nagubandi, the mind behind Jaltee.

Remember Amitabh Bachchan dancing to the song ‘Sara Zamana’ in Yarana ? Jaltee looks somewhat like that but it is most aesthetically designed and created. It is non bulky, doesn’t use LED and has intricate designs that glow in the dark.

If it doesn’t use LED, then how does Jaltee glow? “ELD or the Electro Luminescent Display is a type of display which is created by sandwiching a layer of electroluminescent material between two layers of conductors. When current flows, the layer of material emits radiation in the form of visible light.

Electroluminescence (EL) is an optical and electrical phenomenon where a material emits light in response to an electric current passed through it, or to a strong electric field. The wire is flexible and light, which allow us to work on the various designs and patterns on the fabric,” explains Ayappa.

To make it more attractive and meet the ultimate goal of being a show stopper at any event or party, the dresses are all made using various types of silk. The reason silk is used, is to bring out the richness of the embroidery and the stone work on the motifs. In between this embroidery are ELD wires that form a part of the design.

“Be it the T shirt that glows in the dark or the Salwar Kameez that lights up the room or the bag which changes the design on it as per your wish and command. Jaltee fuses technology with everyday clothing and creates magic,” adds Ayappa.

What makes Jaltee different from the glowing strips on fitness apparels? Ayyappa explains, “Fitness apparels make use of radium that reflects light. Jaltee emits it own light with the help of a circuit that functions with AAA battery.”

Priced between Rs. 4500-Rs. 5000, Jaltee is available on online at and is quite timely to make one glow for the dandiya season.

Read the original article at The Hindu.
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